Gathering the key information about your suppliers allows you – at the very least – quickly react to new situations by identifying the suppliers that may be affected by negative impact of any given event (e.g. quick list of suppliers in a region affected by flooding). By broadening the supplier evaluation criteria you will be able to identify suppliers that may cause problems in the future and you can use additional mitigation actions to develop the suppliers in order to reduce the risk in the future.

Why evaluate? React - Predict - Prevent model

Supplier assessment processes

Meercat helps you to get the most value out of supplier assessment through functions that allow you to integrate it throughout the complete life-cycle of the supplier: from supply marketing to phase-out. You can use it to inform suppliers about your minimum standards, easily obtain information about their organisations, continuously evaluate their performance, set improvement tasks and streamline the supplier phase-out process.

Supplier Assessment as part of the Supplier Lifecycle


  • Internal processes
    People are always the weakest link, that is why we have devised internal security procedures to ensure the security of your data.
  • Audit
    We understand how important security is for you. If you wish, you may audit our facilities and internal processes yourself, to fully convince yourself that your data is in good hands. [option available to clients who purchased the Enteprise version of our application]