We provide you with step-by-step guidance to establish best-in-class Risk Management processes. Based on the Risk Management Organisation Maturity Model, we suggest what elements of Risk Management you should introduce first and how you should continue to develop your organisation to realize the full benefits of Meercat Suite. In this way you can make sure that you do not overstretch your resources and implement a sustainable supply chain risk management solution.

If you do not have a Supply Risk Management organisation in place, you can use our basic process scheme to make sure all the necessary stakeholders are involved. You also receive detailed preparation materials for internal workshops that help you determine which suppliers you should concentrate on first and what core risk issues you need to look at.

Assessment questions

The most common problem companies face with supplier audits is what questions should be asked. Time consuming projects are set-up to research the issue - time lost, if you ask us! Based on our experience in consulting, we estimate that about 80% of the resulting surveys is the same, irrespective of the industry!

To save your time, Meercat comes pre-loaded with over 200 pre-structured questions - both general and industry specific ones. Furthermore, Meercat even suggests which of them should be relevant for your company! In this way, you can concentrate on the remaining questions that are really specific for your company.

We offer questions on the following topics:

  • Quality
  • Quality management
  • Customer orientation
  • Pro-active approach to costs
  • Financial situation
  • Innovation and know-how
  • Security
  • IT-Systems
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Reponsibility
  • Production facilities, incl. clean room enviroments


Meercat Suply Chain Risk Management software scans the lists of your purchasing categories / material groups as well as the industries your suppliers come from and automatically suggests what risks may be relevant for each particular configuration. It also lists the information you should gather about your supplier in order to manage each particular risks.

We offer a number of pre-defined risks and can add new, industry-specific risks in minutes:

  • Financial risks (Solvency, financial stability, exposure to currency fluctuations), including financial risk wizards
  • Exposure to raw materials / energy risks
  • Environmental risks / Green procurement risks
  • Corporate Social Responsibility / PR risks
  • Innovation risks
  • Logistical / transport risks
  • Geopolitical risks
  • Legal risks
  • Business interruption risks