• Doctors and facilities
    You decide whether you wish to evaluate customer satisfaction with individual medical professionals or your clinics as a whole.
  • 360o assessment
    Assessments can be performed by multiple stakeholders: patients, mystery customers, HR staff or colleagues/managers
  • Flexible survey concept
    You can create any number of different assessment templates (i.e. per specialization), each with advanced scoring logic.
  • Automatic and manual planning
    Assessments can be planned manually (e.g. for annual assessment of each clinic) or automatically (through a WebService interface) after each visit.


  • Drill-down
    Pre-defined drill-down reports: region -> institution -> doctor -> individual assessment.
  • Flexibility
    Possibility to define your own additional reports (just like graphs from pivot tables in Excel).
  • Doctor’s profile
    Doctor info page with key information such as specializations / contact info / certificates / contracts / documents. All results of the doctor's performance in one place.
  • Improvement tasks
    Ability to define improvement tasks and track their performance
  • Doctor Portal
    Doctors can optionally receive log-ins to view their performance results live on-line.


  • Fully customizable CI
    You control the look and feel of notification emails and assessment surveys. The application supports multiple languages, by default delivered with English, German, Chinese and Polish. Further languages can be added at any time.
  • Limit the number of notifications
    It is possible to set notification limits, e.g. max. 1 notification per patient per X days or to one assessment per combination doctor / patient per X days.
  • Unsubscribe
    Patients can unsubscribe from receiving notifications, this information can be synchronised back to the patient portal.


  • Patient Portal integration
    Possibility to assess all visits through the Patient Portal - even in cases where notifications have not been sent to due to the notification limits.
  • Handles high traffic loads
    Performance tested for 3,5 mln assessments planned per year, with up to 10.000 performed assessments per day.


  • SaaS and In-house
    Web-based application, can be installed by a client or hosted by Procurence as SaaS.
  • Secure
    High security level – separate servers, one with access for patients and one internal, SSL, etc.
  • Synchronisation
    Synchronization with your ERP systems (synchronization of institutions, doctors).
  • Advanced user management
    Advanced access control thanks to a number of different roles for internal users and access limits (per region / institution / specialization / doctor).