Conflict mineral assessments using Meercat

Meercat allows you to re-create your complete supply chain on-line, evaluate the suppliers and show both the compliance and performance separately for all levels of the supply chain (all suppliers, direct, 2nd tier, 3rd tier).

Meercat can be used for identifying the suppliers of the affected components and their evaluation.

  1. Identification of high-risk components
  2. Identification of high-risk suppliers for these components (low SCRM maturity, inadequate processes & transparency)
  3. Suppliers self-report their own compliance


Inital part of a conflict-mineral project should consist of an investigation of the status quo and direct suppliers

  • Team of experts investigates the composition of components / materials to determine if Ta▪Tu▪Sn▪Au may be present.
  • “Conflict minerals” assessment part of standard supplier audits.
  • Additional auditing teams set-up to investigate individual cases


  • Suppliers requested to indicate which of their products may contain Ta▪Tu▪Sn▪Au and whether they have adequate internal processes to avoid the use of conflict minerals.
  • Recursive approach – suppliers involve their sub-suppliers
  • Reliance on self-reports
  • Need for control mechanisms in place, e.g. control audits using Meercat