Meercat and SCRM

Meercat allows you to re-create your complete supply chain on-line, evaluate the suppliers and show both the compliance and performance separately for all levels of the supply chain (all suppliers, direct, 2nd tier, 3rd tier). This makes it perfect for applications like sustainability audits or conflict minerals audits.

Ask yourself:

  • Who are my 2nd, 3rd+ tier suppliers?
  • Where are they located, what do they supply?
  • Do they have risk management processes in place?
  • What is their peformance?

Gather information

  • Definable risk tree with mandatory and facultative risks
  • Risk scored based on likelihood and damage potential, with multiple aggregation schemes
  • Adjustable Materiality matrix and risk scores
  • Suppliers can self-report on what risks they consider relevant – to be compared with internal prioritisations
  • Discuss individual risks with suppliers
    Meercat supports risk-specific discussions, combined with evidence attachments to document the whole process.

Risk response

  • Create risk response measures based on the ERAS methodology
  • Assign responsibilities for risks (internal + supplier)
  • Release measures to suppliers based on task workflow and monitor the implementation.
  • Flag risks as critical or needing follow-up

Risk reports

  • See an overview of all the key risks in your supply chain and drill down to individual supplier level.
  • Risk maps consistent with standard Enterprise Risk Management methodologies