• Supplier self-registration
    Suppliers can register on-line and, once they pass the initial audit, can be added to the approved supplier pool.
  • Audit planning
    Sophisticated system to help schedule assessments and track audit progress.
  • Supplier Audits and Self-Assessments
    Meercat supports unlimited number of different surveys that can be filled-out during on-site audits, split between departments for desk-audits or completed as on-line self-assessments to help you keep the cost down.
  • Drill-down reports
    You can see the state of your network at a glance and then quickly drill down to issues that cause the most problems.
  • Development tasks
    Each audit results in individual improvement measures whose progress can be continuously monitored.
  • Supplier database
    Comprehensive supplier database that can be manually or automatically synchronised with ERP systems. Master data can be updated by the suppliers and approved by the corresponding category managers.
  • Document and contract repository
    You can attach supplier contracts and other documents such as certificates and business continuity plans.
  • ERP integration
    Meercat can be implemented as a stand-alone tool, but it also allows integration with existing ERP systems.