Meercat® + MMOG/LE
= Perfect match

Meercat fully supports MMOG/LE and can be used for supplier self-assessments and audits. It offers significant advantages in efficiency and quality of reporting in comparison with the standard Excel-based version.

  • Survey structure
    The complete MMOG/LE survey, including the section - questions - criteria structure, can be added into Meercat. The software allows automatic performance reports on all three levels.
  • Scoring and classification
    Meercat supports the MMOG/LE scoring scheme, incl. the division into F1 - F2 - F3 criteria and classification based on the number of failed criteria thresholds.
  • Explanations
    MMOG/LE is a complex set of standards. To make its use easier - especially in case of supplier self-assessments - additional help with both the criteria and answers can be displayed at a click. In this way common understanding is ensured
  • Comments and evidence
    You are able to set mandatory comments and attachments per criterion to ensure high quality of answers supported by appropriate evidence.
  • Compare self-assessment and audits
    In general MMOG/LE self-assessments are directly followed by on-site audits. We have build in an assessment-comparison function to easily compare the results of both to show the possible self-misperceptions of suppliers.
  • Complete control over the process
    Your co-ordinator has a complete overview about the planning and fill-out process to ensure that assessments are made on time and in a regular fashion.


MMOG/LE is a global standard in the automotive industry, used by all major OEMs and currently rolled-out by the 1st and 2nd tier suppliers. Manufacturers from other industries can use it as a template for best practices that can be used to develop their own supply chain.

  • Strategy and Improvement
    Evaluates whether the supplier's organisation and management processes (in particular performance measurement and continuous development) are adequate to ensure high performance now and in the future.
  • Work organisation
    Focuses on work environment and work standards, as well as adequate resouce planning and qualification of the employees.
  • Capacity & Production planning
    Investigates internal capacity forecasting and planning, as well as the ensuing production planning and necessary IT systems.
  • Customer Interface
    Evaluates communication with the customers (incl. customer feedback), appropriate packaging and labelling standards, as well adequate processes for shipping and transportation.
  • Production & Product control
    Evaluates processes concerning material identification and traceability, inventory management as well as change management in case of physical product specifications.
  • Supplier Interface
    Concerns supplier selection and evaluation, as well as application of the above standards in the relationship between the supplier and its own suppliers ("supply chain multiplicator").

Please note that Meercat licence does not include the licence to use the MMOG/LE assessment criteria. This licence should be purchased separately from AIAG or Odette. Members of AIAG, Odette and affiliate national associations (VDA, Galia, etc.) can use the MMOG/LE questionnaire for free. MMOG/LE is a trademark of AIAG and Odette.