Supply Chain Risk Management - Practical Implementation Guide

SCRM Implementation

Packed with new exciting features such as Map-Reports, flexible Dashboards and capable of supporting >500.000 assessment per year!

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Winds of change / European CEO Magazine

Winds of change

Supplier performance and risk management in the wind turbine industry. European CEO Article reprint.

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Risk Management for Medium Sized Companies - China Sourcing

Supply Chain Governance

Risk management for SMEs - the case of China Sourcing. Presented during IHK Ludwigshafen workshop.

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Product brochures

Meercat Product Overview

Meercat® Overview

Overview of the functionalities and applications of the Meercat Suite.

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Meercat Supplier Evaluation - Details

Supplier Evaluation

Detailed description of the Meercat® Supplier Evaluation module and its functionalities.

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Meercat Dashboard Generator - Details

KPI Dashboards

Detailed description of the Meercat® KPI Dashboard Generator and its functionalities.

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