Maciej (Matt) Zaleski CEO

In his prior career as a management consultant, he specialised in supply risk management and supplier management. He set-up the Performance Measurement practice at the BrainNet Supply Management Group AG / KPMG. He has extensive experience in business partner assessment at DAX 30 and FORTUNE 500 companies, both upstream (roll-out of supplier assessment at Fresenius Medical Care, supplier risk management at T-Mobile) and downstream (dealer assessment at Mitsubishi Motors, Ford Group VW Group, Nissan). He has also held a number of seminars on procurement topics (supplier management, supplier insolvency). He holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and CEMS (Community of European Management Schools).

Matt is also a Juror for StartSocial, Germany top social entrepreneurship contest, presided over by the Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Prof. Dr. Constantin Blome R&D

Prof. Dr. Constantin Blome holds the Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals Chair on Sourcing and Procurement at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. Prior to this position, he was a Professor at the Supply Chain Management Institute (SMI), European Business School, Germany. Prof. Blome has authored numerous international papers in the procurement domain, with a strong focus on supply chain risk management. He is also an international trainer for procurement and supply chain topics (e.g. for Siemens, DHL, Philips, Henkel, Nestlé, BASF). Before returning to academia he worked as supply chain consultant and built a research institute in India.

Mark Daun Market Development

Mark has a long-standing experience in procurement and supply chain. He spent almost a decade as a consultant and later project manager for BrainNet Supply Management Consultants (a subsidiary of KPMG AG), specialising in restructuring and cost optimisation projects for multinationals in a wide range of industries (energy, manufacturing, white goods, chemicals). He moved on to the Enervie Group (energy provider) to set-up a group-wide department for the procurement of consulting- / software- and marketing services.

Marietta Arellano PR & Communication

Our communications wizard, Marietta Arellano, is an all-round media expert, with experience both as a TV journalist/editors, as well as a corporate / PR / communications specialist. She has done international and educational TV productions for the German public television (mainly WDR), as well as corporate media productions. She was a press officer at the Deutsche Telekom AG, where she later introduced an internal incentive program (project and event management, sponsor relationship management, process control, interface to external partners/agencies and internal stakeholders, board member briefings).

Aleksandra Kęsy Customer Relationship Management

Aleksandra joined the Procurence team in 2012 and is responsible for the well-being of our customers, helping them get the most value of the Procurence soultions.