Meercat - Sample Screenshots

Meercat Suite is composed of three modules, which can be purchased independently or in tandem:

Meercat Supplier Evaluation

Allows you to create and evaluate multiple surveys to evaluate supplier performance. Supports both hard-facts (e.g. delivery on time, delivery quality & quantity) and soft-facts (quality processes, customer service, innovation, etc.). Supports both audits and supplier self-assessments, as well as supplier development measures.

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Meercat Supply Chain Risk Management

Helps determine risks applicable to each supplier and calculate the materiality index. You can document risk discussions with your suppliers and set improvement tasks to decrease risks.

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Meercat Dashboard Generator

Meercat Dashboard generator is a simple way to create professionally-looking dashboard that are based on data BOTH from other (ERP) systems, as well as those entered manually or via an Excel upload. Their web-based nature and tight access control make them perfect for top management reports.

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Why Meercat?

  • Meercat covers the COMPLETE SUPPLY CHAIN (direct suppliers, 2nd+ tier suppliers, distributors & retail channels) and ALL MAJOR PROCESSES (planning, peforming and evaluating audits, supplier self-assessment, development and risk management)
  • Our web-based tool includes supplier self-registration, supplier database and document / contract database.
  • Our tool can be rolled out in days. You can also host it in-house.
  • We support ERP systems integration.
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Why Procurence?

  • Our solutions are based on long-term experience in consulting and industry.
  • We can support you in setting-up the evaluation and risk management processes and offer training for your employees.
  • We offer our software as a service, also on a monthly basis to minimise your risk exposure.
  • Our software can be easily tailored to your unique needs
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