Security of your company's data is our highest priority!

We understand that you are putting a lot of trust in our company by storing some of your enterprise data with us. This is why we designed out software with security in mind. In fact, the software and hardware security measures were the first pages of functional documentation we wrote!

Our systems offer the same standards of security as those of best-of-breed internet banks. Below, you will find an overeview of key security features we provide (there are many more, but you'll understand that we don't want to reveal all of our tricks here - we'll be happy to present them to your IT department in a personal presentation).

Software security

  • 256 bit SSL secure connection
    We use the latest technology in secure connections. Your data is encrypted the second it leaves your browser.
  • mTAN authentification
    We use the same mTAN authentification system you use with internet banking. Each session can be authenticated to ensure that even if your employees' passwords get stolen, thiefs will not be able to access the system. This is an optional feature

Hosting environment

  • Our hosting center
    Our servers are accessible to only a limited number of our employees and locked in a secure hosting center, under constant surveillance. The facilities are fully air-conditioned, have a separate back-up power generator and an automatic fire-fighting system.
  • Firewalls
    We have installed state of the art hardware firewalls and anti-virus scanners to prevent the possibility of hacker intrustions. Our systems are monitored 24h a day to detect and stop any unathorised incursions.
  • Back-up
    You data is automatically backed up every night for additional security.
MCAT Architecture


  • Internal processes
    People are always the weakest link, that is why we have devised internal security procedures to ensure the security of your data.
  • Audit
    We understand how important security is for you. If you wish, you may audit our facilities and internal processes yourself, to fully convince yourself that your data is in good hands. [option available to clients who purchased the Enteprise version of our application]