All in one place

  • Supplier master data, supplier evaluation results, damages and KPIs (e.g. on time delivery, spend, etc.) all in a single, integrated supplier profile
  • Keep supplier contracts, certificates, photos and documents in one place

Master data management

  • Suppliers can update their master data, to be approved by the internal account manager / category manager
  • Synchronisation with external ERP systems through WebService interfaces.

Supplier profile

  • Business structure (subsidiaries, etc.)
  • Scope of supply
  • Approval status per commodity
  • Classification and project assignments
  • Core competences & technologies
  • Legal info, top management, employees
  • Financial data
  • Countries of operation
  • Supplier contacts (key account mgr., quality, HSE, R&D, logistics, etc.)
  • Documents, certificates, incl. Reminders

Key functions

  • Supplier self-registration
    Have all your suppliers in one place –also those that are still applying or are blacklisted. Let suppliers check the quality of your master data.
  • Basic supplier information
    Supplier geographical location, ownership structure, industry and spend information in one place.
  • Supplier classification
    Standard, preferred or strategic? A, B or C? Manufacturer or distributor? Chemicals or Plastics? Meercat will know.
  • Contract data, certifications and photos
    All the necessary documents in place and properly attributed for quick search.
  • Synchronise data with ERP systems