Risk Management needs to be a standard process already in small and medium-sized companies - and out aim is to help companies do just that. Procurence and Meercat allow you to solve the typical hurdles smaller companies face in the implementation of Supply Chain Risk Management.

Problem #1: We don't have the know-how

The biggest hurdle in implementing Supply Chain Risk Management is the lack of know-how. Many companies simply don't know where to start and the available literature is either too theoretical, too complex or both.

That is why we provide you with a step by step guideline on how to implement risk management in your company. In fact, we insist that before you start using our software, you take time to implement the right processes and set-up an organisation in your company. To support you in this important forming stage, we'll only start billing you one month after you sign up. In this way you will be able to concentrate at the task at hand, instead of worrying about incurring extra costs.

Problem #2: We don't have the resources / people

And who has? That is why Meercat is ready to use from the moment you purchase our services and does not require any IT support on your side. Furthermore, you can split the data entry and monitoring among different departments (purchasing, finance, quality management, risk management and others). If that's not enough, you can ask your suppliers to fill-out self- assessments, so that you can concentrate on the analysis, rather than data entry.

Problem #3: Risk Management Software is way too complicated

We think so, too! That's why we design our software to be as user friendly as possible. If the websites you visit during your leisure time are colourful and easy to use, why shouldn't your business website be?

We provide a lot of wizards to ease up the set-up and daily use of our software. You'll be taken through the process step-by step and additional guidance is just a step away. If you still have problems, you can refer to our online user manual or order a training session. But, seriously, you'll find that all of that is really unnecessary!

Problem #4: It's too expensive

Meercat Risk Management Essentials is surprisingly inexpensive, just send us a note and our sales will happily discuss the details with you. Why is that? Because, unlike our competitors, our organisational structure is "lean and mean" - we have only one focus in mind: you as the customer. What is more, we offer three versions of our software Essential, Professional and Enterprise. You can start with more basic version and upgrade as your risk management organisation matures and your needs grow.