• Assessment types to fit your needs
    Meercat supports on-site audits, desk evaluations, self-assessments and opinion polls. You can mix an match different types the way it suits you.
  • Planning of assessments
    Assessments (including self-assessments) can be planned in advance, both individually and in bulk using a simple Excel template.
  • Assessments calendar
    View your planned and performed assessments in an Outlook-style calendar.
  • It’s complicated? No problem
    Evaluate complete suppliers or individual business unit(s). Meercat also supports project-based organisations.
  • Multi-language support
    Both the user interface and surveys can be translated. Comes bundled with English, German and Polish versions.
  • Assessment notifications and reminders
    All stakeholders receive automatic notifications about the assessments. In addition, reminders can be set-up to plan follow-up assessments at a given time in the future.
  • Review process
    Supervisors and assigned users can review and confirm audits and add development measures. Rejections are clearly commented and automatically returned to the responsible person.