Staff profiles

  • Detailed on-line CVs
    Quickly find legal professionals based on job profile, skills, experience, satisfaction ratings, certificates and availability!
  • Staff evaluation
    Evaluate the performance of your staff - both in-house and contractor professionals. Evaluations can be performed by customers - both concerning cases and individual professionals

Staffing & Project Management

  • Resource planning
    Add projects still in acquisition and plan your resources in advance to determine if you need to hire new professionals.
  • Project staffing
    Staff in-house and contractor resources on cases
  • Automatic compliance checks
    The system automatically rejects any attempts to staff professionals with expired credentials.
  • Team CVs
    The system can automatically create PDFs with team CVs and send them to customers. In addition, all necessary certificates for the whole team can be sent in one password-protected package to your clients.
  • Incidents / breaches / damages
    Track material and non-material breaches incl. comments and attachments, so that they can be documented in accordance with legal requirements.

Work time reports

  • Timesheets
    Detailed timesheets per professional and case, showing both the planned and actual values.
  • Daily stafing plan
    Plan your resources on cases and let them adjust their staffing on their own withing a defined timeframe, or let the project manager approve the changes.
  • Auto approve
    Auto-fill and auto-approve timesheets when actuals match planned staffing
  • Synchronisation
    Synchronise timesheets from external time tracking systems, so that you have the reports in one place.

Risk & compliance

  • Monitor Continuing Legal Education credits
    Monitor the compliance to continuous legal education rules.
  • Track indemnity cover
    Automatically remind about the need to prolong indemnity covers, extend the licences to practice and the validity date of other documents.
  • Manage conflicts of interests
    When selecting a case team, you can explicitly prevent staffing of people who worked for the client's competitors.

Case Profiles

  • Case Info Page
    Complete detailed case profiles, including stage (and liklihood of acquisition), flexible case attributes (data fields) and key contacts both in-house and from the customer perspective.
  • Case teams
    Detailed overview of case teams, including planned an actual billed time, allocation timeline and team CVs
  • Documents and tasks
    Assign free-text or pre-defined tasks per case and monitor the progress status. Upload case-relevant documents - including detailed access control.

Customer access

  • Streamline customer communication
    Give customers access to current and past cases incl. team profiles (and certificates), staffing, timesheets, evaluations and dashboards
  • Flexible access rights
    Each case can have different configuration with regards to customer access - all tabs can be enabled/disabled on demand.